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This blog has articles and resources that could turn your organization into an “agile virtual enterprise”. Agile virtual has collection of articles written by Microsoft virtualization experts. These articles can get you started with a new generation management model for small and medium enterprises where agility is the mantra.

Our focus is on managing small and medium IT enterprises but you can find it relevant to other industries as well.  We have collections of resources that can help you start a virtual organization and ideas on tools required to run it. There are articles that discuss management in detail and can give you idea to manage the agile virtual way.

Hiring process of a virtual assistant has risks and we have a blog post which have tips from my own experiences to find the right virtual team member. Read in detail guidelines on how to hire a virtual assistant.

Every entrepreneur has a beginning stage and sometimes a new beginning too. It is at this stage of entrepreneurship that ideas are formed and resources are scarce. Resources include infrastructure, man-power and finances. We have tips on how you can start a IT business with literally “zero capital” investment at the blog post virtual work force.

There are much more topics related to agile virtual, kindly check our site-map.

Please leave relevant comments on our blog, suggestions to improve are most welcome.

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