10 Things To Consider While Buying A Smart Phone

You don’t want to buy a smart phone couple of times in a year. You also don’t want to live with a phone you are not comfortable with. Yes… “live” that’s exactly what we all do with our phones. A phone is a part of our living and it defines our lifestyle and choices. That’s more so the reason that we buy a phone with much thought going into it from the look/feel of it to the kind of application it supports. What are the factors one should consider while deciding on a model for a smart phone? That’s exactly what this article is about. If you need assistance in deciding the kind of smart phone you need to buy, then read on. There’s lots for you.

What do you need a smart phone for?

A smart phone comes with a number of applications and options but who uses all of it? We mostly have our preferences in an application which complements our life style and rests of the features remain mere accessories. Having clarity about the kind of features that consists most of your smart phone use is important in deciding about the kind of model that will be the best for you. Consider these questions-

  1. How much of your work is dependent on your phone and what are the main applications?
  2. Do you use your phone as a substitute for a camera?
  3. Is the main function of your phone internet usage like browsing and video streaming?
  4. Do you use it as a Kindle book for reading ebooks?
  5. Do you use for designing apps like photoshop, Canva, Crello etc?

As you answer these questions, you will get some clarity about the nature of engagement you have with the phone?

Choose the Operating System

Once you have the clarity, the next step is to consider certain specifications that will make your experience much better. The operating system determines the budget as well as the nature of applications, your likeability of the phone and much more. There are only two types of OS to choose from when it comes to phones- Android and IOS. The latter is popular for it’s usability and ease of functions and user friendliness at the same time being high priced. It comes integrated with iPhone and other Apple devices and the functions very smoothly when it comes to compatibility and integration. People using this OS love the seamlessness and convenience.

On the other hand, Android is a cheaper OS but functions with more or less the same convenience as iOS. Android integrates with Google applications and gives you a smooth sailing across the web services. It has less simpler user experience as compared to IOS but in it’s own it is a comfortable application. Additionally, Android is known to have less security features as compared to Apple.

What Screen-size you need?

Screen-size is, undoubtedly, your first physical experience with the smart phone and is a factor that determines your comfort with the handset.  It also means the touch and feel of the phone. How much you will enjoy watching videos on the phone and other experiences like browsing and reading or almost applications is determined by the screen-size. Will your phone fit in your pocket? This is also determined by the screen-size.

For those who love watching videos and visuals, the popular sizes are 5.8 and 6.4 inches. The minimum resolution expected is 1920x 1080p (Full HD).  Don’t hesitate to check the resolution quality of a phone before you buy it.

What’s your budget?

Phones are no less than a status symbol and high profile brands are something we always want to associate ourselves with. iPhones are loved across the world for it’s brand power while few others like Samsung is also preferred as an alternative.

For those who don’t want to stress their pockets, Motorola, Oppo, LG, HTC and few others in the market make for a good deal with immense satisfaction and convenient user experience. It is never the fact that only big brands give user satisfaction. Check which features you can compromise on and make the best deals possible.

The Camera Quality

Cell phones became much likeable thanks to the camera. We perhaps would have different perspectives to a cell phone had it not been for the camera inbuilt in it. Then came the selfies and you know what happened thereafter.

Search for a sample pictures taken from different models and brands that you are considering to get an idea of the picture quality and clarity. This way you will know what’s in store for you. Knowing the megapixel count is not enough when it comes to picture quality which actually varies according to different brands and models.

Who’d want battery to drain out quickly?

Battery forms an important criterion on which the user friendliness of the phone depends. One can imagine how inconvenient phone using becomes when the battery drains out quickly and you have to keep it plugged to the socket. Your phone, then, is no longer a portable device. To avoid this hassle, one prefers to check the specs of a phone regarding battery and luckily, technology is getting better and better each year in terms of battery durability. Phones like Oppo and Samsung Galaxy S Series use a quick charge technology that charges upto 50% within a few minutes and also lets that stay for long.

Compare prices and check reviews

Comparing the prices of electronics online is easy as you get a number of websites that lets you gives you comparing ratios and more for each model. Checking reviews of a model aids decision making. You can ask people in your acquaintance who have used the model to share feedback about each specification. The opinion of the users is more important than the fact list the manufacturer provides. The best thing nowadays is to update your social media status asking for reviews for a particular model and get in touch with people for first hand information.

Smart purchases are about taking informed decisions as you pick the right product. While understanding your own needs is the key, you should also know the market well by comparing, checking reviews and taking suggestions to choose the right model.

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