Cool Gadgets To Buy In 2019

Every gadget we love or use today, was once upon a time thought of as mere fantasy.  But look at the number of gadgets we posses today and can’t imagine to live without. You don’t have to be tech savvy to love gadgets and own the best one in the market. It’s about loving the ease of having the world at our finger tips, getting work done easily and simply enjoying the deluge of communication apps that keeps us well connected to our near and dear ones. That’s the world today.

With all the basic tech needs met, the present generation of gadget lovers look for amazing gizmos that are the latest awe inspiring additions to the list. If you are one such gadget freaks looking for amazing gadgets to spice up your life, then check out our list of the best gadgets of the year 2019 to inspire you for more.


Ever thought of a gadget that helps you find things you misplaced? From valets to toys  and from key chains to remote controls… you no longer have to lose time and mind over trying to find the things that are often misplaced no matter how hard you try to keep them in the right places. The Tile stickers and tags keep all your things well connected virtually and have no chance of going wrong. This gadget will make your life fuzz free.

LED Clocks

LED clocks are much popular nowadays and they look best when adorning your office table. While most of the offices have digital clocks, make your desk a little more attractive with the letter clock that spells out what time of the day it is. There are different versions of this clock with different base materials and appearance.

Portable Phone Charger

Though there are a number of portable phone chargers, this one is perhaps the coolest one. It has already gathered positive reviews and the best thing about it is the small size and look that resembles a lipstick. It’s easy to carry in a small purse while it works as a wonderful back up. It’s a high speed charging device that delivers it’s fastest charge speed upto 1 amp.

Rotating Make Up Brush

Technology and make up is a quirky combination. This product that works as an effective blender for your make up and imparts a finishing touch that is tough to achieve without a professional makeup artist. With the Blend Smart rotating brush, it’s now easy to look purely sculpted with the fine make up look on your skin. This one is a must try for makeup lovers and even professionals.

Temperature Controlled Travel Mug

A travel mug lets you have your favorite drink or normal water at the temperature that you desire. You can set the temperature with the help of the app and your requirements are taken care of. It is a very useful gadget while you are traveling.

Posture Trainer Gadget

Pained by your sluggish body posture? When body training and exercises fail you, you have a gadget at your rescue. It clings to your back and helps you stay in the right posture working like a posture corrector for you. No, this one is not another belt but a smart device that can be worn with the help of an adhesive or magnet. It vibrates every time you slouch and that’s how you correct your posture. If you use this, you can prevent a number of ailments in the future.

Smart Travel Bags

These bags come with smart locks, facial identification, touch recognition and Morse code. It’s the safest your belongings can get inside the bag. These bags come in different versions like those suitable for business traveling. It uses anti theft system, is waterproof, has USB cable and built in charging system.

Fingerprint Padlock

Fed up of carrying and misplacing the keys? Try out this fingerprint padlock that opens with a finger identification and lets you walk around without keys. It’s safe and secure and perfect for your office doors and houses. You can also use them for cupboards and cabinets.

Portable Projector And Speaker

With business traveling on the rise, more and more portable work gadgets are making your work easier. This one is a portable speaker and a projector that enables you to share videos, images and files as you go to different meetings each day. It can also be used at home but as a work assistant, it’s immensely handy. The sound and visual qualities are amazing.

Color Changing Smart Bulbs

Color changing smart bulbs might just enlighten your bed side table and impart a beautiful look to the room. It uses blue tooth connectivity and is compatible with Google Home. It needs your voice to control it’s light, color and other features. You can control it’s colors even when you are away from home.

Levitating Moonlight

Imagine there being a levitating moon on your desk or room that lightens up the entire space? Yes, that’s possible with technology nowadays. The ball of light- the moon, with the help of a wooden deck can be lit up and nothing can catch your guests’ attention more than this wonderful piece of light. This one is a wonderful gift for your loved ones  or your own self.

Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

It’s a sunglass cum music player with high quality lenses as well as a speaker that will play music close to the ears sometimes not many around you knowing what you are listening to. That’s a new gen technology that gets you ahead in a cool way. No need to worry about the quality of the glasses. They are not likely to scratch or shatter easily.

The latest models of these gadgets are available mostly on the online stores. For each gadget, make sure you buy the latest design and models of these gadgets. Don’t forget to check the reviews before you zero in on a model.

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