Cut IT cost and increase efficiency

It is all about cost in IT. Technology is the only domain that is getting cheaper. IT departments are always under pressure to reduce cost and get more efficient.

Many virtual SME owners ask me this question – “If I am able to reduce the budget of IT and increase efficiency then will I be able to cut down virtual employees as well?” . 

I generally counter this question for proving my point with another question. “Don’t your virtual employees have a big to-do list of progressive tasks ?”.

Most customers complaint that their virtual employees are more involved with maintenance tasks than concentrate on their real job role.

My current blog post is a simple case study on how technology can improve efficiency and reduce cost of IT department.

John runs a Small business web design company and he uses virtual teams. His web designers are scattered around the world and most of his solutions are given online.
He has Mathew – a virtual assistant just to maintain his web servers and to support the customers. Often Mathew has an average response time of about 48 hours for his customer queries/complaints/tickets, which is not good enough in this competitive world.
Mathew also coordinates with the designers, if they face any issues at the server during design and development of websites. Typically Mathew is loaded with work to maintain 8 servers and he also coordinates with other virtual designers, this slows down his attention to resolve customer tickets.

Think about a solution that can maintain all these servers from a single interface,  manage even virtual machines running at these servers and manage security from a single point.

That is right, if this can happen, Mathew will have more time to do productive job roles and could substantially increase response time. Happy customers … more business, right?

Microsoft System center suite can manage end to end and free up time  The cost of Microsoft solution is approximately 1/6th of total cost of competitor’s solutions in the market.
No I am not joking, believe me and I can prove that..
Microsoft solutions are from desktop to data center with a whole range of products to improve Small Business efficiency.
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