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Finding talented professionals to work in Virtual Team

It is always best to have a reliable partner when globally outsourcing and building virtual team.

There are risks in finding reliable Virtual team members.
Eyebrows of business owners are raised when they select team members. A very busy virtual team owner from one of these virtual site says “It is hard to find good people and it is even harder to find good IT professionals but thanks that I have even more visibility than just a CV and reference checks. So we can see credibility of the provider and makes it easy to decide my team” .

There are many such market place where talented professionals and global buyers come together.
It helps small businesses hire and manage freelance and contract professionals. Over 100,000 businesses use these kind of sites to find rated and tested Programmers, Designers, Writers, Marketers, Customer Service Agents and Virtual Assistants.

The way companies buy and manage services have evolved a lot these days with these sites. It is the leading provider of software solutions for Services Procurement and Management (SPM), which improve the way that organizations buy and manage services – one of the largest components of corporate spending. 

Escrow is one such feature that gives these sites it’s reliability. Providers are certain to be paid and buyers are safe and cannot be taken for a ride without delivering.

 I will be posting more blogs on job posting and managing teams using these sites. In the mean time you can sign-up and explore and share your experience here. Signing up is really simple and easy for both buyers and providers.  

I have sat on both sides of the table at these sites( Buyer and provider).  I will be posting more blogs on how to select providers that are reliable. 

There is a rating system and feedback for providers that you can rely on.

By streamlining Services Procurement and Management processes, it helps companies of all sizes realize significant business transformations, productivity gains and cost reductions.  improves the way organizations buy and manage services – the largest component of corporate spending. 

With Virtual Team Services Procurement and Management (SPM) solutions, businesses can improve the success rates and lower the costs of project and contractor based services. The company’s offerings android and apple platforms apps, an easy-to-adopt application suite for Fortune 1000 companies online, a Web-based services marketplace that lets small and medium sized businesses benefit from the industry’s largest network of professional services vendors and procurement experts.