How To Sell Used Electronics?

It’s hard let go of your electronic gadgets especially those that store your personal data or one that once had a place of importance in your life. It also includes those that you received as a gift from a dear one. That being perhaps the reason that electronic cluttering happens a lot in our house and we often neglect the need to get rid of them. Subsequently, we end up dumping them away which creates the hazard of accumulating electronic waste. Those who are well aware of the consequences of electronic waste would prefer to trade their gadgets for a more positive outcome. To top it, some mullahs coming in exchange of used goods don’t hurt anyone!

Here, we are listing few of the most convenient options to consider in case you are looking to trade your gadget and earning some money in return.

Check out leading online sites for reselling

The internet is buzzing with selling and reselling products. Electronics buyers love to get good quality stuff within less price and that’s something online resellers try to encash on. You can check out the most popular online reselling portals to get to know how each one works and the commissions involved if any. In the recent times, online reselling has picked up at many places and has gathered positive reviews. Try the websites which are most popular in your region. Here’s a list of those that sell electronics majorly-

  1. Declutter
  2. OLX
  3. Gazelle
  4. TradeMore
  5. Best Buy

Contact local dealers

While the internet interferes in all our shopping habits, it’s good to remember the benefits of the local traders. The small shop owners, sometimes, are a big boon especially when you want to sell used electronics. You can directly ask them whether they would buy the gadget from you to be sold later by them or else they would choose to contact you when there is a requirement for the gadget. This is good option as you can get rid of the handset immediately without waiting for the pickup service of the online portals. You can escape formalities like online form filling.

Pitch it on social media

Sell it on your own without taking recourse of any middleman. Use your social media platform for pitching it to your network. You can always post about it on your wall and status stories but the best thing would be if you post in the relevant groups that people check out in times of needs. There are used electronic gadgets groups on Facebook which are the apt platform for such exchanging. You can also comment on relevant posts to reach out the people with demand.

Spread a word amongst friends

Word of mouth publicity works no less than a marketing tool. Tell your friends, personally or through messaging that you are looking for buyer for your gadget and you never know how far the word will reach. Through networking in both digital and real world, your gadget might find it’s apt user.

Contact the brand showrooms

In certain offer seasons, the brands offer exchanges for their own old models. Though it’s not a common market phenomenon, there are times when such deals profit the customers. You can get discounts on the latest models of the same brand. These deals are not too good but for a gadget that you think will be hard to find a buyer for, this is the best way out.  For this, you will have to stay tuned to the updates from the brands’ social media pages and website.

Nowadays brands like Amazon and Apple bring in TradeIn programs on their website which works as a great advantage for resellers.

Don’t make these mistakes before you resell-

Wipe off all data

Since gadgets like smart phones and laptops are an intrinsic part of our life, they basically have a lot of our life history. Yes, literally. So before you head out to resell the gadgets make sure, with the help of an expert, that all data is wiped off. There should be not an iota of chance for someone to use your data harmfully.

Keep your papers intact

Documentation is important. Here documents not mean the warranty car and user manuals of your phone but a record of the article being sold to the buyer. Emails are preferred these days. So, ask for details of the buyer and keep a record lest something goes wrong.

Presentation is important

Your buyer should be satisfied with what he paid for. Though not as good as the new gadgets, the reselling gadgets are also expected to come with decent packing. Don’t let your buyer feel disappointed at the first look itself.

Price it right

Compare the market price for the same model of brand new handset and price your handset accordingly. Pricing it exorbitantly may lead you to losing potential customers in the beginning. You can also indicate that the price is negotiable for which people will get in touch with you and the talks begin. Take a feedback from your good friends regarding the price. Keep in mind the brand popularity when while you price it. Selling electronics has always been competitive so pricing comes as a decisive factor.

Be honest about the drawbacks

Your gadget may have a couple of drawbacks. If that’s the case, be open and honest about the price it accordingly to avoid any inconvenience later. However, draw more attention to the positives of the gadget. It’s recommended that one should flaunt the positives and try to convince them of this being a good deal.

Photographs matter

While you upload pics of the hand set, make sure you click the best pictures possible which show the brand logo and the best side of the gadget.

Though gadgets from big brands always had an upper hand in reselling, the trade of used goods is all about networking right and pitching it to the apt audience. With online platforms, it’s easier and convenient and there’s more transparency than ever was.

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