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Microsoft tools for Virtual Teams

About 7 years back I was a project manager and kept my bags packed through out the year. Coordinating with the base team to get things done was a even more tiring and often lost control over the process and felt helpless without my team and infrastructure in vicinity. The harder part was getting a team member on phone and making him understand the mess I had to solve on-site.
Most IT professionals on the move have experienced similar issues and may still be. Mobility has never been an attraction for IT teams.

The era of mobility issues is a story of past. We live in an era of mobile phones, mobile computers and electronic money.

I wish to share some light moments from the past era. Feel free to rapid read the following para.

Our project was to be deployed in a huge factory that made furnace refractories and needless to say that it was a tensed moment for all of us in the team.
The software had to be deployed at the server of Electrical Control Room.  I was indulged checking outputs and analyzing the results. All of a sudden our application crashed, Murphy’s laws had yet again proved right. I tried to cover the issue and raised it to my colleagues through phone for sorting out and instructed them to dispatch a fresh patched software via courier. I was about to report to the management about this setback and delay in release. Suddenly there was the fire alarm sound all over, the transformer at the main supply have burst to flames and the entire control room had to be shut down, all personals evacuated the facility for maintenance. I was relieved that we could re-schedule the release without being embarrassed.

Technologies are also about reducing your carbon foot print and increasing your efficiency without your physical presence.

Microsoft tools have just the right solution for mobility issues and virtual teams. Microsoft tools have looked beyond the traditional approach to solve mobility and have come out with a suit of products that addresses every concern related to virtual teams. Following were the major disadvantages with the traditional approach.

  • Traditional VPNs are inadequate and hard to manage, with all-or-nothing policy that doesn’t work behind other firewalls
  • Access to more and different types of applications than ever before
  • Intranet and extranet access from more users, locations and devices

I will be posting about specific tools from Microsoft in my next blog which will help you virualize teams as well as handle mobility efficiently.

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