Must Have Gadgets For Men Who Love Tech

Nowadays, being techy and being trendy go hand in hand. Gadgets are not only about your comfort but also about style statements and making work easy. Men of our generation love tech but at the same time are choosy about the right kind of gadget. And why wouldn’t they? Options are available in plenty nowadays. With online shopping, the tech industry is on a boom launching products online to be bought soon after release. Technology has become all the more accessible. It’s no longer something that you need to hunt for in shops. If you are someone who love to have trendy gadgets and make life a little easier, then check out these must have gadgets that every techy is sure to love.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo has it’s third version released and is garnering attention for all the right reasons. It was launched in October 2019 alongside Echo Dot with built in clock display and high end Echo Studio. Amazon Alexa and Echo have been quite popular since their launch few years back. Now the new Amazon Echo 3 comes with speakers from Echo Plus and has new software features like Guest Connect. Try it and you are sure to love it.

Apple Watch Series

Smart watches are winning hearts and are finding a place amongst the most popular gadgets of the year. This mart watch from Apple is a continuation of the old gen Apple watch and is making heads turn at the market. It’s a smart watch with special emphasis on fitness and is loaded with features. It has amazing battery life, beautiful screen with OLED display, a number of fitness trackers and many more features that makes it stand out among the fitness smart watch ranges.  

Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote/Streaming media player

It comes pre-registered with Amazon account. So one can simply plug in and operate with the help of the remote. It makes your viewing experience much more convenient with a wide range of channels to choose from and an exceptional variety of programs to stream. You will love the seamless experience this technology offers.

Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Set

If you are someone who works on the keyboard for jobs like typing or designing, then Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will make things more convenient for you. Long work hours should be comfortable or else work becomes a total drain. This keyboard and mouse set is meant to make your  work time even more convenient and enjoyable.

Sonos Play 5

This version is touted as the biggest and boldest speaker of the Sonos Play speakers. It has high fidelity sound and offers an experience that stands out from that of other speakers. It integrates with Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2 and few others. It’s apt for party lovers and also those who love to have amazing movie experience. It’s in our list of must-have electronics for the right reasons.

Go Pro Hero 5

It is not just another camera but one with super cool features that need no expertise to be operated.  It can capture amazingly smooth wide angled video handheld or mounted. It operates on voice commands to let you work hands free on it. Many other features make it a photography lover’s magic wand.

Bluesmart one- Smart Luggage

Bluesmart comes with smart and connected luggage and are a sought after brand when it comes to electronic bags. It works on apps, can charge your phone’s battery, can be tracked, works on remote lock. It’s emerging as a hot favorite amongst techies who love to travel as well.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 10th edition comes with inbuilt light, 8 GB, waterproof with Wifi. The stunningly sleek model resembles the experience of holding a paper in your hand and reading. With 8 GB storage, it has the capacity to store thousands of ebooks making it superior than the previous versions. Adjustable lights are an added advantage.

iPad Pro

While the release date of iPad Pro’s latest version is awaited, the previous year’s version is quite popular and versatile in it’s own way. It has edge to edge displays, face ID and USB- C with ultra thin, redesigned body, has a truedepth camera with face ID, optional Apple pencil 2 and smart keyboard- to mention a few.

SAVFY Night Light Bedside Lamp

It is an electronic bedside lamp with amazing features like a Bluetooth speaker, LED Touch sensor and an in built alarm clock as well. It can be an amazing gift for your tech loving friends or family members.

Oakter Basic Smart Home Kit

This basic smart home kit adds the right amount of connectivity to your home or office appliances. It is compatible with iOS assistant, Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. It simply makes you feel all the more incharge of things while making life and work easier. It is a good beginners’ kit to get introduced to smart living.

Apple TV 4K

It functions as a set top box that offers a wide range of streaming platforms and channels to pick for a perfect viewing experience. From Amazon Prime videos, to Netflix and Hulu, the options are endless. Needless to say the picture quality is amazingly stunning.

Four Port USB Charging Station

When you love your phone too much, you also need a proper charging station so that you care for your phone a little more. This one is a four port charger which means it can accommodate phones of a small family. This one comes with a silicon surface and 8 amp power output and is supported by a warranty of 2 years.

All gadgets mentioned here are from highly trusted and popular brands. Additionally, you can check alternatives to these devices and the best prices at the time of buying. Though newer brands are foraying into the market, following trusted brands is a wise move when it comes to tech purchases. Investing in the smart kind of technology, making smart tech purchases and staying updating with the latest trends are given if you are a lover of technology. 

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