Office Live workspace for SB - Agile Virtual

Office Live workspace for SB

My earlier posts were specifically aimed to build and manage virtual organizations but this one is good for regular business/individuals as well.

Sharada Sreedhar is one of a kind marketing executive that I have ever known, not only for her success in profession but also for her operation style. She has hired a secretary for managing office and two marketing executives. The office secretary also helps her and others to followup with the clients and handles the calls too.

The key difference in her operation is about the way she simplifies the interoffice communication process. She and her marketing assistants meet up only on weekends at office and yet they are able generate leads and run a successful business.

The process is all about document sharing without any hi-fi systems/process or CRM software. All her sharing is done using Office Live Workspace.

Here is how they take advantage of Office Live Workspace.
Sharada and the marketing executives update their business visits/daily report towards end of the day using an Microsoft Excel workbook to Office Live Workspaces.

Most marketing companies do have a daily report system. The executives generally hands over the report directly or emails it to their respective bosses. Boss checks the daily reports and decides next course of action on each business lead. Hence boss generally works late and finds time only to propagate marketing.

Sharada has delegated this responsibility to Reeta – her secretary. Shared documents can be checked and updated by Reeta and she makes the follow up calls, updates any new status on the same document and also alerts relevant executives about any immediate attention required.

How easy is it to work on Office live Workspace? Click here and get going in minutes.

Now for the most important question. How much does it cost?
Ah ….well… you know it depends on…. . Hmmm .. lets see…..
Not a penny… it is free.. absolutely free !!!

All you need to do is install this addin  from Microsoft.  “Office Live Update 1.5” and you get a  new sub-menu as shown in the screen shot below . You will have sub-menu for saving to office Live and opening from office live.

Create your office spaces account and start sharing your documents. Say bye bye to flash drives and portable storage devices to carry your documents.

It could also avoid confusion of emails and track latest version of your documents.

I suggest you take a walk through by directly going to .

Well then, I will leave rest to figure out for you. Happy Office Live workspacing .