Should You Buy Electronics Online or Offline? Here Are The Advantages And Disadvantages

Has online shopping increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years? While only facts and figures can validate this point, from our own buying behaviors and of those around us, we know that online purchasing of electronics is highly popular among gadget lovers. Thanks to the discounts, freebies, offers, coupon codes etc, people do prefer to buy things from online stores.

Buying electronics is a crucial part of our purchasing and we don’t buy electronics often in the year not even once every year. So, some amount of thinking goes into the purchasing of electronic gadgets and along with this comes the question- should you purchase a gadget online or offline? That’s the question we will be tackling in this article.

Cheaper Prices, More Savings At Online Stores

Heard of Deals Of The Day, No Taxes Charges and similar catches on the walls of online shopping websites? These are the cards that lure us to the shopping websites and very rarely we are disappointed. Coupon cards and offer codes are also the point of attraction that differentiates the bricks and mortar shop from online stores. Electronics gadgets are amongst the products that come with high discounts especially if there is a price slash season just like festivals.

As often observed, the prizes of electronics at an online store is much cheaper than that at an offline store.  The prime reason behind this being is that the retailer, when having a physical store has to spend oodles of money on physical expenses like payrolls, space, maintenance and much more. Owing to this, the margin of profit is larger. The online store manager however, is away from the hassles of the physical store and hence the price per gadget is relatively less.

Timely Customer Service Intervention

When it comes to customer questions, queries and complains, the online stores provide much better services. Online ecommerce companies are known to have devoted customer service team that looks into various requests by the customers.  However, the offline stores are rather sloppy when it comes to customer engagement. Especially in the case of electronics, customer service is crucial.

Reviews, Compare Prices Before You Pick

Prize comparisons are undoubtedly the best part of online shopping. Buyers can directly check the products of various electronics from the same brand on different electronic selling websites. At the same time, there are separate websites dedicated to price comparisons. These websites aids your overall buying process as they let you choose the best price across the web for a single product.

Checking reviews and price comparisons are the biggest advantages of online shopping. It helps you take the right call based on your requirements.

Transparency In Pricing

Though shipping cost is added on the product price while delivery, one can see the price separately and so there is transparency in the pricing. Even the shipping prices can be compared from those of the other portals.

Don’t Miss An Offer

If you are a loyal customer, you are regularly receiving messages and notifications regarding various offers and discounts. Even as a new customer, you are often informed through digital advertisement and social media regarding various offers. The calendar of offers at the online calendar is fixed and functional in the same way every year. On the other hand, the offers and discounts at physical stores, you barely come to know of and are easily neglected. 

Nowadays, you don’t need to wait for a coupon to find you. You can find the best deals for brands while you are browsing for the product online. There are plug ins that operate in the background and appear on the check out page as you check out the price product. Aplug in called Gumdrops by Goodshops is one such company that offers such plug ins. For these reasons, the chances of missing out on savings is quite bleak.

For The Lazy Shopper

In online shopping apps, you can “add to cart” the object you want to buy and then wait for the appropriate time to buy it. Meanwhile, as the prices slash or offers are announced, you get notifications and make the best of the opportunity. You can also check the other products in option and compare. That’s the reason, online shopping is suitable for the lazy shoppers amongst us. On the other hand, you don’t get the same facility when you are at a shop checking out products. This is one of the reasons, that online shopping for electronics has picked up amongst people.

You Don’t Have To Live A Product You Don’t Like

The option to return and exchange is an aspect that is often regarded as the compelling factor with online shopping. This policy is provided by any offline shopping centre very rarely. You can use and try out the electronic and see whether there are any complains. In case of a complain, contact the customer care and get it fixed. If the issue persists and you are highly dissatisfied, then at most of the deals, you have the option to return or ask for refund.

The Drawbacks Of Online Shopping

For those who think shopping is a therapy with the pleasure of touching and feeling the product and then deciding, online shopping could be a less pleasing experience. This drawback is somewhat higher when it comes to shopping fabrics. In case of electronics, it is much lesser as the gadgets mostly have the same exteriors.

Besides, in online shopping, you are your own salesman. Another drawback is that there is no one to advice you on the electronic gadget that you plan to buy. You will have to compare, research and also decide on your own and own the decision as well. Whereas, when you are with a salesman, he guides you and answers your queries and is instrumental in reaching a conclusion.

It’s all about the brand-

Unlike in other products, electronics are all about the brand. When you trust a leading brand such as Apple, Lenovo or Dell, the products that they churn out are defined by the brand name itself. Certain brands are also known for specific features and that is enough for the customers to prefer them.

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