Microsoft Application Virtualization

Application virtualization for Virtual teams

I am very excited about Microsoft Application Virtualization and it’s applications in virtual organizations.

I had an Email today from a client who had his requirement summarized as follows.

  • I would like to deploy our software app into 300 computers without actually going to each client PC and keep upgrading as we release new versions, which might be once a month or so.
  • I also should be able to save data to a central server and not locally. Updatable on a frequency.
  • All these 300 computers are laptops of employees and they keep traveling regularly. They need to use our software even when they are not on the company network or connected with internet.

Now this would be kind of near impossible scenario in earlier era of computing where I would most probably end up suggesting VPN or RDP. Using RDP or VPN do require laptops to be connected to internet as well in such a scenario.

This is where I love Microsoft App-V. You can use App-V client to actually cache the application and set a frequency to update the server or update only when the network is available. The applications works like locally installed application and it looks just like any other desktop application.

Now that is what I call truly mobile. One more very important point is that App-V can be controlled centrally, including updates to application.

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