Things To Keep In Mind While You Buy A Laptop

Irrespective of your profession or the course you are studying, a laptop is an indispensible gadget that not only makes your work easy but improves the quality of your living as well. The better your laptop responds to your work needs, the better chances of you getting ahead. And why not? Laptops are the lifeline of everything we do from work to entertainment. Besides, we never actually have the perfect laptop. But we need one that is the closest to our requirements.  Though there is no “the best” laptop in the market, the best one for you is what suits your requirements and also the budget.

While many tend to take expert advice’s while planning to buy a new laptop, the most crucial part in the decision is determining what you need the laptop for. Do you love play games, use your laptop for graphics and media editing or web applications? Once that is decided along with your budget, you can look into the below general factors that will help you zero in on “the one”.

How to select an Operating System?

When it comes to the specification of the operating system, there is a misconception that you need to go with the best one. However, in reality, you should go with what suits your need. You will have to choose from Mac-OS, Chrome-OS, Linux and Windows. Mac-OS come with Mac-books which are Apple products which are high on budget. However it has high compatibility to media editing applications.  Window-Os is widely used and is compatible with most of the software’s and applications with a few drawbacks. Additionally, windows10 is highly preferred for their ease of use and convenience in gaming. Chrome-OS is mostly popular with students and is relatively cheap. Chrome-OS is preferred by those who work mainly on web apps.

How to select size and design?

For size and design, you can choose from the basic categories that is Standard, notebook, Hybrid/Tablet, Desktop Replacement or Ultra-book. Portability is very important especially if you are a student or entrepreneur.  If you want to use it for gaming, watching movies, work etc.. all these factors need to be considered while choosing the size. All laptops users would like to have the lightest laptops possible. However for those, who would use it at home mostly, weight should not be a big issue. For those who would use it on work should prefer not more 14 inch laptop.

Designs are different for each brands and models. Try to get sleek models with somewhat blunt corners that look stylish. Complete square models look old fashioned as well as unimpressive.

How to select battery?

The main criterion that helps you choose the battery is durability. Battery backups that extend to 7-8 hours are the best especially if you want to travel with your laptop. If you have all other features working well but the battery is weak, then your experience can be quite annoying. Laptops with the long battery back ups are Lenovo, Dell and Apple. It is suggested that more than the fact book or the manufacturer’s claims, you should trust the reviews you get from other users.

How to select Memory/Storage?

SSD is instrumental in making your laptop boot faster and respond faster. 120 GB SSD is recommended if you prefer to store your data on cloud. On the other hand, if you use laptops for storing photos etc then go for a 500GB SSD. SSD offers increased access speed and longer battery life. Laptops that use PCI Express is much preferred nowadays which also enhances the performance. Most laptops allow you to upgrade the hardware later but this will require reinstalling the operating system.

How to select Keyboard?

If you are a gamer, then you would like to go for the gamer keyboards. These are specifically designed for gaming. There are special gaming keys incorporated to make your gaming experience super smooth. For those who use laptops for typing jobs for long duration, then ergonomics keyboards are the most convenient ones. For these, there should be proper wrist rest space for comfort. For those who need to use numbers too often, separate set of numerical keys installed can lead to improved user experience.

How to select screen quality?

Pay extra attention to screen quality of the laptop model you are planning to buy as this is the part you will be staring at most of the time. The panel type, resolution and size are instrumental in making your experience a good one. For portability concerns, go for a laptop that has smaller size. However, if your main purpose with the laptop is watching movie then you may prefer a bigger screen size. Full HD screens are lowering down the prizes every few years. Though touchscreens are quite popular nowadays, they are relatively glossier and make certain experiences such as designing, visuals etc not too convenient because of reflection on the screen. So for these purposes, you might like to avoid touchscreen.

How to check reviews?

Dig into the reviews from all quarters. Check reviews on the online seller’s website and general review websites or tech websites. What you can gather from your near ones and acquaintances is also important. You can take reviews regarding each part and performance of the laptop. In fact, it is better to not go for the latest models of any brand until you have few reviews coming in. It is a wise move, nowadays, to simply update your status saying you are looking for reviews for a particular brand or model and the responses are bound to pour in with recommendations as well.

Don’t let the sales man convince you into buying a model that he wants to sell. Be clear about your requirements and a few models that match it. Depending on your budget, you might have to go for the best availability and a few compromises here are there should not be fussed about. Consider the right options and the right details before buying a new laptop.

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