Tips To Maintain Electric Gadgets

We often discuss buying and selling electronic gadgets but how often do we discuss how we can maintain them? Most people using electronics are not only unaware of the ways to maintain the gadgets but also handle them in ways that can cause damage. However, a basic maintenance by the user and some precautionary measures can make your gadgets function smoothly and for long.

Here are useful tips to help you care for your favorite gadgets a little more-


Placing your gadget like TV depends a lot on the layout of the room while laptops, mobile phone and few others  do not take much place in the house are carelessly placed at different places. One has to be careful while placing the gadgets. It’s not only about the lighting of your TV but a few other factors that should be considered while placing. Phones and laptops should not be kept close to sunlight, heat or dampness. There is danger of them getting damaged as both sunlight and heat are harmful for battery as well as the touchscreen. Batteries can lose charge faster when in heat and the touchscreen many stop responding. Make sure they are exposed for not more than few seconds.

In cases of devices not being used for long time, do not leave them to get dirty and damaged. Pack them in boxes and store them away from hot and wet places.

Pay Attention To Charging Needs

A very important tip often neglected is that charging devices should not be left to drain out all charge and neither to be over charged. A phone/laptop needs charging to be used well, at the same times, one should avoid complete discharging. However, over charging is also harmful. Be mindful of the applications that use up most of the charge and you can charge it in advance to avoid draining.

How To Clean The Devices

Most people refrain from cleaning electronic gadgets believing that only professionals can do it well and also out of the fear of damaging them. Cleaning a gadget is not just about wiping the device when required. It is about the timely care of each part of the hardware to prevent accumulation of dust and oils.

Let’s take a look the best ways to clean the gadgets.

  1. LCD monitors can be cleaned with the help of diluted vinegar and a microfiber cloth. There are separate liquid sprays and cloth available for cleaning LCD monitors for devices like a laptop. As the screens are sensitive to touch and the pixels can be damaged, much care has to be taken while you wipe the LCD screens. By keeping the laptop switched off, you can see all the spots and smear and clean them up without being tough on the screen. Pressing anywhere on the entire screen is a big no no.
  2. You can use a combination of fifty percent water and white vinegar as a cleaning lotion to clean the gadgets even on screens. But be careful not to wet the screen directly but to wet the cloth first lightly and then wipe the screen. There are brushes available to clean the keyboard or else one can use cotton buds to clean the edges. With a straw, one can blow the dirt particles away. Timely cleaning of the keyboard is important for avoiding dirt accumulation.
  3. Trouble shooting and anti virus installation are important for keeping the software functioning well. Much of the information regarding this is available in the user manuals and documents available along with the gadget. Hence it’s important that you keep the documents at hand to do as instructed in them. Also, try to avoid the need to repair. It is better that you take precautionary measures like anti virus installation and trouble shooting.
  4. Besides this, when you purchase the device,  you can discuss with the salesperson regarding the maintenance and whether any timely servicing is required. Since, nowadays most of the purchasing is done online, there is no direct interaction with anyone who can tell in advance about the maintenance requirements. To make up for this, you can go through the manuals skimming it for any need of maintenance stated by the manufacturer.
  5. In case of multiple users using a single device, cleaning and maintenance of electronics becomes mandatory. The contact with the users’ fingers can be a cause of germs. To avoid unhygienic situations, it’s important that the device is cleaned at regular intervals. There are a number of cleaning lotions, clothes/pads, brushes etc which are available from trusted brands that can make your work easier. This is recommended mostly for laptops, desk tops and mobile phones. Additionally, there are air blowers, camera blowers, lenspen and few more that helps you clean the small gaps clean.

Using cases and covers

No matter how much we take care of our gadgets, there’s always a chance of physical damage. Even an unexpected rainy day could spoil your phone beyond usage. You cannot overlook the need for cases and covers for phones and laptops. Screen guards are crucial in avoiding direct stains and scratches. Hard covers prevent damage to the hand set. There are custom made covers and screen guards for each brand models to offer the extra guarding for your devices. Additionally, covers are important also to avoid the humidity and moistness of the user’s fingers staining the screens.

When there’s a need for repairing

There are times when reaching out for a repairer cannot be avoided. In such cases, your first preference should be visiting a service centre of the brand. If the device is under warranty, then it’s even better. Another option is to consult a repairer who you know has a good record at work. There is risk involved when you consult a repairer whom you don’t know about.

Handling electronic devices with care and cleaning at regular intervals imparts them a cleaner appearance.  When gadgets are indispensible in our daily life, it helps to know how they can be maintained by the user himself.


Maintaining electronic devices is as important as using them well. The user can himself apply the best practices to keep the gadgets functioning well for a long time.


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