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Tips To Save Money On Relocation

Tips to save money on relocation

Relocating to a new city is equal to starting a new life. However, the whole process may test your patience especially if you are shifting with your family. More than often relocation is resisted by families in order to avoid the disruption it creates in their lives. At the same time, those who have to relocate at times, suggest that a detailed planning of the whole process makes the task easier and saves money as well. Whether it is moving within the city or to another country, shifting can be made easy with these few tips. About a month before the date of relocation, your plan of action should be charted down. With the following tips, save money on relocation.  

Enquire about relocation allowances

If you are relocating with respect to your company’s work, then it is fair to enquire for relocation allowance. Companies do offer such allowances for employees especially when they are shifting with their family.

Research and get recommendations

Research about the new place and find out as much as you can about the cost of living. Compare which commodities you can get better and cheaper in the new place. Get in touch with people who are staying in that city to know the real scenario. Though internet can help, people can give you the real perspective to these things. By knowing the kind of place it is, you can decide which of your belongings should be carried there and which shouldn’t be. 

For example, if your new city is a warm place or a coastal area, then you can discard much of your warm clothes and even heaters or related materials. If the place is hilly, where people prefer to avoid four wheelers, then you may have to arrange for an alternate vehicle like a bicycle.

Notify your social group

 Your immediate social group namely friends and family and colleagues should be well informed               regarding your new location. This helps to get new connections as there is always someone in the     acquaintances who presently resides or has been there.

Declutter the house

 You always have the option of carrying all your belongings but that doesn’t save money. You should take an overview of the materials and decide which of those are useless and should be got rid of. There will always be plenty of clothes, furniture, books should be filtered out. In addition to all these, avoid buying any new appliances or equipments before moving.

Make a budget

Planning on the paper is always better than making mental plans. Assign a budget to the relocation plan which should also include expenses that you will incur initially at the new place. This budget should include strictly all that you will have to buy at the new place and the charges of the transportation for both your luggage and family.

Terminate connections

Make a list of connections you need to terminate or change address  of. This includes your wifi, Dish TV connections, electricity or LPG gas, magazines/newspapers, water can supplies etc.  Notify the concerned persons for each of the connections and initiate the process to save any penalty or extra charges later.

Contact services a moving company

Make a list of the most popular movers and packers in your area and get reviews. Ask around, consider recommendations and suggestions before you zero in on one. Contact them and try to get the best deals. It is often seen that the staff of the company takes a “tip” from the customer. Avoid this by getting suggestions from people who have used their service.

Plan your packing well

There are few documents involved in the packing and moving process. This and your personal planning notes need to be kept in a separate folder in order to avoid any misplacing or confusion.

Label your boxes if required or number them and note down on a paper regarding the articles that is inside the box. Keep similar objects together in order to find them at once.

Keep an “open first” box. This box should be stuffed with all the materials you will need directly after reaching.


While Packing Electronics

The most important part of avoiding extra expense while relocation is preventing your existing valuables from damage. Electronics are amongst the most expensive things in our house and should be dealt with utmost care while packing and transporting. Using the right packing material, detaching the cords, keeping data backup are important details to be paid attention to.

While transporting, the shipping company should pay attention to the positioning of the gadget. It should be kept in low temperature, placed upright and prevented from tremors while shipping.

Don’t forget to keep your valuables like jewelry or keys etc close to you as you travel. Don’t shy away from taking photographs of the packages along with the numbers even in the presence of the moving staff.


Adjusting at the new place

Once you arrive at the new place, you are faced with new circumstances. The unpacking and setting up the new house takes time and with it springs up new expenses. The best approach should be to get the most crucial expenses incurred first. These can be those in the kitchen and the bathroom. Comfort can come later while you should focus more on the needs of the house.

Subscribe to local news

By updating your new location on social media, you can get feeds related to the city. Join online groups from where you can get in touch with people who are into the same hobbies or businesses as you are. On the new apps and portals, get the local news from your city. This will help you know about the weather updates as well as the civil scenario, strikes, transport blocks etc.

Don’t wait for emergencies

Know the emergency places in advance. Know where you need to head to when you will fall ill- which is a good hospital nearby and the medical store, the ATM, the super market etc. It’s good to keep a mental note of these places.