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Transition to virtual organization

It is not easy to transit from the “physical well structured organization” to virtual organization. I am not among the one who believe that the transition to virtual organization will shower money and virtual bosses will be on top of the world. Besides finding followers for a revolutionary idea such as virtual organization and change in management principles can be even tougher.

There is also another post here which has tips from a virtual boss that gives you exact details on how Microsoft Windows Azure can help you concentrate on business and leave behind the worries of maintaining infrastructure.

Virtual organization restructuring challenges:

  • Virtual organization is a new trend and even employees may not prefer to be isolated when working. Going to office in the morning is still considered part of career and rarely any fresher would like to start working with it.
  • Effective leadership is the number one factor that influences success in a virtual organization. Maintaining cultural identity, employment brand and employee/manager satisfaction requires consistent and regular communication in a virtual organization.You can propagate your idea much easily, if you are already a leader in the field. People will follow your principles in a virtual organization, if they have  respect for your vision.
  • Virtual Teaming Technology is the key to success. There is no way that virtual organization can be promoted and built without adaption to latest technology. Products like Microsoft Windows server 2008 R2 are built to promote virtual teams and dispersed working culture such as virtual organization. IBM, Microsoft and latest Google products help you work just as you would do inside your office.

Case study of a virtual organization
United States Government have taken initiative to even virtualize all tunneling projects, uses virtual organization structure.

Benefit of transition to virtual organization
Benefits of virtual organization transition includes new technology adaption and efficient execution. Cost is just a small subsection of transition benefits.

I will be covering more in detailed about virtual organization transition on my forth coming blogs. Until then please leave your comments that will help me improve my blog quality.