Virtual Store

Virtual Stores have become the new norm of purchase.

There are various turkey providers like Shopify to help launch a new virtual store as per your requirements.

Most stores do not charge for any setup but the commissions on  the sales needs to be clearly calculated before listing them in your virtual store.

Once the store is launched the virtual store link could be easily embedded to your store or even integrated with plugins if you are using WordPress or so.

Virtual Store is going to be the future but there are few points that needs to be taken care before launching it.

  1. Have SSL – secure domain
  2. Make sure the Domain is private and it is not unsecured.
  3. Customers need service and complaints number. So make one
  4. Support your customers via messenger tools in case they have any issues.
  5. Be prompt in services, do not waste time to ship the product
  6. Get feedback from every customer, offer them some minor goodies like badge to encourage genuine feedback. Retaining customers is the main thing.
  7. Do proper research about the shipping cost to different countries/states
  8. Some states will have a separate tax for serving those items
  9. Finally do research that the product is legal in the state of delivery or you maybe held liable for that.