Ways To Save Money On Electronics

Electronics are amongst the high expenditure items in our yearly shopping list. Gadgets are not something that we buy in haste. In fact, many buyers wait for months to see the price drops and then go for the desired gadget. Online shopping has made the best of the deals possible for the common buyers and this is perhaps the most transparent that shopping can get in our times. While all this happens to be true, if one knew the ways to save some money on electronics, it would be an added advantage.

Here are few tips and tricks to keep in mind to make the best of your electronic shopping

Buy The Older Model

We know that the big brands are consistent in releasing the latest versions of their gadgets almost every year. While the new versions come out with flashy prices, the older models become cheaper. This is one of the best ways to have the brand you want with somewhat same features as well. Moreover, there isn’t much difference between the working of the current and the previous model and so going for the older version is definitely a better deal. Even as you zero in on the model, check out the price drops on various platforms and then make the purchase.

Compare Prices

There are various portals that offer price comparisons which offer very handy information when it comes to getting the best deals. When you check you should check the overall price which includes all major accessories and additional shipping charges if any. Prices at the physical store should also be compared with the online deals. If you can have the handset cheaper and buy accessories later, it’s wise to go for that deal. This is a highly recommend tip to save money on electronics.

Check Out Refurbished Gadgets

If you are someone who doesn’t like to flaunt a brand new handset then you can look for the refurbished products. These are used products that have been repaired and polished and are sold at a lower price. If you find something within the warranty period, it is not bad to try it out. The brand matters a lot during such purchases. We know that a particular good brand will function well even after a couple of years unless there is a major damage.



Don’t Pay For The Extra Warranty

Dealers offer extra warranty charges and that becomes add-ons on the price. However, most of the times, we will not be using the extra warranty as we prefer to replace our older gadgets with new ones each time. In all cases, the probability of using the extra warranty is pretty low and hence you can save up that amount.

Keep A Check On The Electricity Bill

After the purchase, check the manual/user book for any information regarding power saving and maintenance. By knowing how to save the power on charging etc, you can bring down the electricity bills. By practicing the best maintenance methods, you can keep the gadget functioning smoothly for long time. This also saves the additional charges on repairing which can be quite a costly affair at times.

Avoid Buying New Accessories Until Needed

Check whether your new model  can adapt to the older gadget’s accessories. If yes, then you can avoid the additional expenditure of buying accessories. If there’s anything additional required then you have the choice to spend on it. Store them properly to use them for as long as possible.

Be Well Informed About The Right Time To Purchase

Make a list of the gadgets you want to buy in this year. Now, keep a track of the possible offers and deals you may get on the brand you are eyeing on. This may take few months but it can be worth the wait. The best deals in electronics come around certain time of the year for example the festive seasons. Festive offers are most awaited wherein you get medium to heavy price drops on popular brands.

Get Coupons And Codes

Do you love gadgets but often settle down for lesser brands and models so that they don’t fall too heavy on the pockets? There are other alternatives to save money on big brands like coupon websites and occasional offer codes. Keep a track of these and make the best of the deals. Sometimes, you get offers as a part of customer loyalty programs. Don’t forget to use these. Certain companies offer benefits to their employees with coupons and discount cards. You can take advantage of that as well.



Exchange Offers On Old Devices

There are occasional offers in which you can trade in your older device and get the new model for discount. The discount rates depend on various factors. This is one of the ways you can put the older device to use.

Go For A Lesser Brand

Often it is the brand name that makes all the difference. However, it also known that the lesser but popular brands in the market give equally satisfactory result. Especially in the case of electronics, you will find trusted generic brands that function equally well with almost all the same in built features.

Try To Resell Old Gadgets

You can make money by selling the gadget that you don’t need any longer. When you are buying new versions at timely intervals, selling off the older ones is a good idea. You can check at online portals or contact a nearby dealer to help in reselling the gadget.

Check Out Credit Cards And Bank Offers

During the offer season, there are many bank tie ups that offer cash back services. These can come really handy and give you good deals. If you don’t have the credit/debt card of the bank which is offering cash back you can consider borrowing from a friend.

Set Notifications Regarding Offers

Saving money on electronics is all about being there at the right time. Nowadays, the customer service of brands and even banks reach out to you regarding their offers. Make yourself available for these notifications and keep a track of them on them so that you don’t miss out on the deals.

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