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Windows Azure and Small Business

I met a very successful entrepreneur today for lunch. Following are excerpts from the brief discussions I had with him during lunch.

  • Qs: How many people are working for you now in your organization?  Ans: Over 40 people.
  • I was surprised to hear this. Over 40 is a decent number at India. So I asked him It must be a fairly large space. Having a office space as big as 40 in Bangalore , India is not a joke.  Qs: Where is your office located? Ans :It is virtual office and I have people sitting at their houses and working for me.
  • I was all thrilled but did not wanted to shower him with lots of questions during our  friendly lunch meet. Qs: Do you have tools that facilitate you this. Ans: Yes he said , we have “Windows Server 2008 R2” to facilitate our virtual organization.

It is indeed true that there are numerous successful people working in virtual organization methodology.

My interest was initially about virtual organization and software system that supports virtual organization.  But when I researched, I even found that hospitals patients records are getting virtual. Surprised? — don’t be . You can find more details about Microsoft health care systems.

Microsoft Window Azure is a great tool that support virtual organization and it’s concept. One can even now leave the infrastructure overheads and only concentrate on the core business development.

Every organization is concerned about the data and source code, especially if you are in the business of IT development. The employers are bound by law and contract terms with the buyers/users to keep the data safe and are responsible even if the employees do the damage. However risk of loosing software code can be minimized to near 5% , if you use Microsoft tools to manage your development infrastructure. Big companies do have allocated budget for managing their own data security but small and medium companies mostly work on trust. However trust is something that comes over a period by monitoring his or her activities in direct. Hence it was not really possible until now to have control over the source code and other sensitive data unless the employee was trustworthy.

With cloud emerging as one of the best ways to manage virtual organization, it is quite possible to have control over source code and data.

I will be blogging more on utilizing Windows Azure cloud as a platform to drive your virtual organization on my forth coming posts. Please leave you valuable comments and opinions to improve my blog posts and keep coming back for more.